The following people have kindly offered to donate some time;


Please add your name etc here if you'd be interested in helping to staff the stand and/or have a talk/workshop you'd be happy to run.

- jrowing jrowing - Happy to be there all show and do whatever is needed - obviously! - Will offer a talk about Teechmeet-style INSET
- istuart istuart - Will to present virtually or man a virtual stand when I am not teaching
- jpallis001 jpallis001 - will help in any way that I can
- mrstacey mrstacey - Happy to help on whichever day I'm there
- mrslwalker mrslwalker - Really keen to be a part of this, going to be a very exciting project. Happy to offer a session on boosting interactivity through CPD in school
- htjoshua htjoshua (Jocelyn Chappell twitter) - I would be really pleased to help behind the scenes and on (one of) the day(s) so to speak, could present and/or demo some useful things either at Bett or from school (could look good on a large screen), pupils would really enjoy linking up over the internet.
worzel-gummidge.jpg John CuthellTwittter) Help to coordinate MirandaNet activities and resources.

Noel Jenkins Twitter maybe offer a Digital Geography type workshop or something related to Google Earth