OK - we've had a number of ideas proposed and there have been a LOT of conversations kicking around so here's where the plan stands at the moment;

We'll share space with Miranda.net at BETT and (hopefully) the SQA at SLF.

At BETT we'll have an informal area for discussion and interaction - this will include a video/chat link to allow others to attend the discussion.
We'll have some recording of educational snippets contributed by visitors and volunteers to help build a resource bank of good ideas for CPD purposes.
Throughputthe show we'll run talks and workshops according to the skills base of our Volunteers - these too will be recorded for the skills bank.
- proposed workshops include;
  • how to make a TV News type video
  • Using open source software
  • how to set up a moodle course
  • what a Moodle course looks like as a pupil and/or as CPD
  • how to use Drupal/wordpressMU for teaching and learning
  • how OpenOffice.org programs have all the functionality you need for GCSE ICT (including interoperability with older proprietary programs)
  • how to make a podcast....
  • this is how we "audit learning in [our] VLE" :
  • Smartboard tips and tricks
  • How to run a Teachmeet INSET
  • Google Earth in the classroom
  • Google Docs in the classroom

Free T-shirts will be distributed to those that want them displaying "Stop me and talk about....." Followed by their interest, conditions of receiving it are;
  1. It is worn for the rest of the day
  2. You are willing to stop and talk to people about your area of expertise.
in this way we'll have a number of wandering free-lance teacher teachers throughout the show - whilst still allowing people to wander around and enjoy it. - it's also good publicity for the cause.

Flashmobs and similar will be organised by those that wish to talk about specific technologies on their own stands...

If we can get the funding/sponsors on boards then we'll also have

Pupils and some 3G internet netbooks hooked into a Connect meeting acting as roving reporters for "stuff @ BETT", - things they would LIKE to see going on in the classroom.
BETT to Classroom links showing off good practice.

Is anyone interested and/or experienced in using ICT especially Web2.0 for ESD GC ESDGC (Education for sustainable Development and Global Citizenship)? Primary Curriculum likely to move back/towards a Crosscurricular approach/themes post Rose report. Wales already well on the way towards a planned embedding of ESDGC across the whole educational spectrum. My humble and limited efforts at http://esd.escalate.ac.uk. BUT I no longer teach. Google earth seems a great candidate.