Fundraising is going to be key - if we have to pay for a full stand the costs are huge so I've created a dedicated page for ideas and suggestions in this theme;

  • Borrow bits of commercial stands
  • Teachmeet style sponsorship (small ammounts)
  • hijack space in a cafe - an unstand
  • BETT give us space... - Just a side note even if get stand space free it will cost you large amount as EMAP will only give the space for free. get the stand for free and we spend ££££ of our money to be at BETT. Don't get me wrong I think it is a good idea but having you own stand might be a bit much to take on. Better option might be partner up with another stand like Mirranda/ - Russell

UPDATE - Trying to pair up with miranda stand - Will serve as a base to run the flashmobs etc from and as a conversation space - we will need to raise some money to contribute to it however!

Update No 2 - we'll need about 3-4k to run the stand - not including any contribution to travel costs for the teachers/bandwidth usage/furnature etc. Just for space, t-shirts, tea and cofee etc.