Welcome to the BETTer teaching wiki

At the moment I'm proposing the idea of having a stand or similar at BETT 2010 staffed by those of us at the chalkface - this is a space for all to input ideas etc into the melting pot so feel free to edit as you see fit.

This is a copy of the origional email sent to mirandanet;

"I was thinking that a stand manned by a group of teachers that are
actually using a lot of the cutting edge bits of technology would be
ace. Totally independent we'd be able to talk about using google docs,
moodle, blogs etc as well as recommending stuff to see/do/use from the

Almost like a free ideas/consultancy stand for both
teachers/management and the makers of products to come and consult.

We could run a few workshops a-la teachmeet. ie Only things that are
actually being used in the classroom right now.

On the financing side I'm sure that a lot of companies would supply
kit and sponsor the stand as they know we'll be demo-ing and
recommending things to do with it."


  • Give truly independent advice to teachers/management/product producers as to how different products and ideas are used in the classroom

  • Sharing current good practice - no if's and no ideas not in the classroom
  • Offer talks and workshops on particular products
  • Act as a repository of knowledge -
  • A sounding board for ideas and suggestions

In other words - turn up, socalise, do what we normally do - with a few fixed talks thrown in.